East Africa Energy

The East African Renaissance and the Resultant Energy Opportunities

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Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda are key economies in the fast-growing East African region, which is emerging as a hotbed for energy-related investments. The expanding urban population, hydrocarbon discoveries, and the growing demand for modern energy forms, such as electricity and natural gas, will drive a socio-economic transformation wherein countries will look to achieve a middle income economy status over the next decade. Oil, natural gas, coal, hydropower, wind, and geothermal will be the major sources of primary energy for these countries. Over the next 10-15 years, the aforementioned 4 countries are expected to add anywhere between 40,000 MW and 50,000 MW to their installed generation capacity, whi

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)IntroductionKey Questions This Study Will AnswerEast Africa Energy—Scope of the StudyEast Africa Energy—Economic OutlookEast Africa Energy—Regional OverviewEast Africa Energy—DriversDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)East Africa Energy—RestraintsRestraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)TanzaniaTanzania—Country OverviewTanzania—GDP and EconomyTanzania—Overview of the Energy SectorTanzania—Energy Policy and RegulationTanzania—Energy Policy and Regulation (continued)Tanzania—Status of the Electricity IndustryTanzania—Status of the Petroleum Industry (Oil and Natural Gas)Tanzania—Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Tanzania—Status of Petroleum Exploration LicensingTanzania—Status of the Coal IndustryTanzania—Status of Geothermal EnergyTanzania—Status of Wind and Solar EnergyTanzania—Status of Biomass Energy and HydropowerTanzania—Opportunities for Energy DevelopmentKenyaKenya—Country OverviewKenyaGDP and EconomyKenya—Overview of the Energy SectorKenya—Energy Policy and RegulationKenya—Energy Policy and Regulation (continued)Kenya—Status of the Electricity IndustryKenya—Status of the Petroleum Industry (Oil and Natural Gas)Kenya—Status of Petroleum Exploration LicensingKenya—Status of the Coal IndustryKenya—Status of the Coal Industry (Mining Blocks)Kenya—Status of Geothermal EnergyKenya—Status of Wind and Solar EnergyKenya—Status of Biomass Energy and HydropowerKenya—Opportunities for Energy DevelopmentEthiopiaEthiopia—Country OverviewEthiopiaGDP and EconomyEthiopia—Overview of the Energy SectorEthiopia—Energy Policy and RegulationEthiopia—Status of the Electricity IndustryEthiopia—Status of the Petroleum Industry (Oil and Natural Gas)Ethiopia—Status of Petroleum Exploration LicensingEthiopia—Status of the Coal IndustryEthiopiaStatus of Geothermal EnergyEthiopia—Status of Wind EnergyEthiopia—Status of Solar EnergyEthiopia—Status of HydropowerEthiopia—Opportunities for Energy DevelopmentRwandaRwanda—Country OverviewRwanda—GDP and EconomyRwandaOverview of the Energy SectorRwanda—Energy Policy and RegulationRwanda—Energy Policy and Regulation (continued)Rwanda—Status of the Electricity IndustryRwanda—Status of the Petroleum Industry (Oil and Natural Gas)Rwanda—Status of Geothermal EnergyRwandaStatus of Biomass and Solar Energy Rwanda—Status of Hydropower and Peat ReservesRwanda—Opportunities for Energy DevelopmentConclusionEast Africa Energy—The Regional Perspective East Africa Energy—Power Generation PotentialEast Africa Energy—Regional TradeEast Africa Energy—Regional Trade (continued)The Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big Predictions Legal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviationsData SourcesThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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