Emerging Mobile E-commerce Technologies

Rising Mobile E-commerce Sales of Top US Retailers Highlights Importance of Predictive Analytics and IoT

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According to outside sources, in 2015, mobile e-commerce in the United States is predicted to account for about 30% of all electronic commerce sales in the region, a reasonable assumption as mobile e-commerce sales for the top United States retailers have been pegged to increase nearly 39% in 2015, while mobile e-commerce sales for the key European, Asian, and Latin American retailers have been projected to increase by nearly 71%, over 249%, and nearly 50%, respectively, in 2015.

The challenge in all these regions is to facilitate this growth in mobile e-commerce by making it easier for consumers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers to do more than merely conduct transactions. Mobile e-commerce must also provide manufacturers and service providers with greater intelligence about their customers based on different channels of information obtained from brick and mortar stores as well as their online shopping. This will require a new generation of tools that can leverage Big Data from multiple channels, analyze it by predictive analytics, and enable enterprises to customize their mobile e-commerce efforts to the individual level, similar to the personalization that is driving electronic home medical care and diagnostics.

This research service identifies the key demands in the mobile e-commerce market as well as the key technologies and role in supporting commerce over mobile devices as this practice continues to grow in the 21st century.

In brief, this research service provides the following:

A brief snapshot of the mobile e-commerce space
Segmentation of the key technologies that support mobile e-commerce space
Identification of key players in each segment
Descriptions of their solutions
Defining the applications they serve and benefits they provide at both ends of the value chain
Highlighting challenges to mobile e-commerce growth
Spotlighting emerging technologies and practices to address them

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Predictive Analytics Enable Enterprises to Customize Their Sales Conversion1.3 Research Methodology2.0 Overview of the Topic2.1 Mobile E-Commerce – An Introduction2.2 Key Drivers Summary – Convenience and Intelligence2.3 Key Restraints Summary – Budgetary and Integration Challenges2.4 Increasing Personalization Drives the E-commerce Industry2.5 Data Mining is Key to Remaining Competitive3.0 Emerging Technology Segments for Mobile E-Commerce3.1 Marketing Automation for Mobile E-commerce3.2 Key Enabling Technology – Behavioral Analytics 3.3 Key Providers: Dynamic User Interfacing is Key to Customer Engagement3.4 Key Providers: Innovative Data Analytics is Key to Enhancing Customer Experience3.5 Content Management Systems for Mobile E-commerce3.6 Key Enabling Technology – Responsive Templates for User Interfaces3.7 Key Providers: Content Management Solutions enable more Responsive Platforms3.8 Key Providers of Content Management Solutions optimize the Entire Sales Cycle3.9 E-mail Marketing Solutions for Mobile E-commerce3.10 Key Enabling Technology – Cross Device Conversion Tracking Tools 3.11 Providers of E-mail Marketing Solutions for Mobile E-commerce3.12 E-commerce Platforms for Mobile E-commerce3.13 Key Enabling Technology – Experience Management Tools 3.14 Key Providers: Mobile E-commerce Platforms are Being Redesigned with Ease of Navigation as the Focus3.15 Key Providers: Mobile E-commerce Platforms are Designed to be Integrated into Existing Systems3.16 Social Media Analytics for Mobile E-commerce3.17 Key Enabling Technology – Big Data 3.18 Key Providers: Social Media Analytics is Key to Measuring Customer Interactions3.19 Key Providers: Social Media Analytics enables Increasingly Intelligent Mobile Pages4.0 Technology Convergence: Integrating to Raise Sales4.1 Advanced Analytics and Omni-channel Communications could boost Mobile E-commerce Sales4.2 NFC Payment to enable Peer to Peer Sharing and Online Purchase4.3 Interactive Shopping will be enabled by Geofencing and Indoor Mapping Technologies4.4 Mobile Image Recognition for more Convenient Shopping4.5 Biometric Shopping for Secured Digital Payment 4.6 GPS-based Drone Delivery of Goods and Services 5.0 Analyst Insights and Conclusion5.1 Analyst Insights and Conclusion6.0 Key Contacts6.1 Key Contacts6.1 Key Contacts (Continued) 6.2 Legal Disclaimer7.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career7.3 Global Perspective7.4 Industry Convergence7.5 360º Research Perspective7.6 Implementation Excellence7.8 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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