Feeding the Rising DragonAttractive Acquisition Opportunities for Chinese Industrial Valve Manufacturers in the F&B Industry

As China Overtakes the US to Become the Largest F&B Industry, Valve Manufacturers Find Unique Growth Opportunities

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Food companies are set to employ energy-efficient valves to ensure increased energy optimization. This market insight uses the Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) tool to evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions inside the market for industrial valves in the Chinese food and beverage industry. The CAMP tool uses several metrics for organizations in the market space and plots it within a matrix. Subsequent strategic analyses of merger-and-acquisition opportunities are provided. The market insight also showcases the post-acquisition position of the acquiring company. The base year is 2013 and growth rates have been forecast until 2020.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsMarket OverviewTrends in the Chinese F&B IndustryGrowing Food Safety ConcernsChinese Government InitiativesMarket Landscape of Food and Beverage Industry in ChinaNew Kid on the Block—Online Retailers in ChinaSupply Chain of Online Retailers in ChinaKey TakeawaysMacro-to-Micro Implications of Food Security and Safety in ChinaIndustrial Valve Market in Food and Beverage IndustryMarket Engineering MeasurementsGrowth Rate ForecastGrowth Rate Forecast DiscussionGrowth Rate Forecast Discussion (continued)Product SegmentationEnd-user Vertical SegmentationCAMP AnalysisMergers and Acquisition—An IntroductionCAMP—An IntroductionCAMP ParametersCAMP Methodology CAMP QuadrantsCAMP Scale ExplanationCAMP Scale Explanation (continued)CAMP Index Rating of Top 17 ParticipantsCAMP Index Rating of Top 17 Participants (continued)CAMP Index Rating Example—Haitima CorporationCAMP Index Analysis of ParticipantsCAMP Index Analysis of Participants—DiscussionCAMP Index Analysis of Participants—Discussion (continued)Company Profile—Haitima CorporationCompany Profile—Wenzhou Kequan Fluid Equipment Co., LtdCompany Profile—China SUFA Technology Company Profile—Wenzhou Chaofei Valve Tube Co., Ltd Company Profile—GEMU Valves (Shanghai)Company Profile—WenZhou Leuler ValveCompany Profile—Shanghai Kaiquan Machine ValveStrategic ConclusionsStrategic Conclusions—M&A MarketStrategic Conclusions—M&A Market (continued)Strategic Conclusions—M&A Market (continued)Legal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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