Internet of Medical Things, Forecast to 2021

Growth Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Perspectives in Healthcare

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Healthcare is one of the industries facing disruption by technological advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, and yet it is only partially aware of the advances, potential, and benefits. Almost 60% of healthcare organizations have already adopted healthcare IoT or Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and realized cost savings, improved their profitability, visibility and customer experience. Indeed, IoMT serves the financial interests of healthcare industry stakeholders including investors, manufacturers, providers and physicians. It is well-suited to meet the needs of the transforming healthcare industry, by supporting the transition from disjointed care to coordinated care and reactive to proactive care-delivery approaches, for example. An estimated 4.5 billion IoMT devices existed in 2015, accounting for 30.3% of all IoT devices globally; this number is expected to grow to 20-30 billion IoMT devices by 2020. Capitalizing on this trend with the right applications for the right customers with the right partners and relevant business models is crucial for healthcare stakeholders to survive the fierce competition, which is supported by start-up companies and technology giants alike.

With IoMT, a connected ecosystem of sensors and devices on and around the individual serve to capture and measure, identify, stratify risks, inform, make decisions and take actions. With that underlying principle, the IoMT market has five application areas. The On Body area covers wearable devices such as smart devices, peripherals, and even implants. The In Home environment includes digital/virtual assistants, activity monitors, and home medical devices. Within the Community segment, automated kiosks, emergency response intelligence and mobility are application areas. In the Clinic segment, handheld medical devices and care-coordination technologies as well as administrative support tools are areas where IoMT is making its mark. The In Hospital area benefits from IoMT use for real-time location services, patient/personnel flow tools and smart, connected equipment for better inventory management and resource utilization.

This study covers the landscape of the Internet of Medical Things by application areas—on body, in home, community, in clinic, and in hospital. For each application area, IoT use cases, vendor landscape of over 100 IoMT stakeholders, potential opportunities and challenges have been covered. Additionally, analysis on business model considerations for IoMT stakeholders, case studies, and future perspectives has also been provided.

Key questions that this study will answer:
• What does the current IoMT market landscape look like? Which areas are being served, and by whom?
• What are the segment-specific challenges and opportunities for IoMT market incumbents and those considering entering the market?
• What strategies for success can be employed by stakeholders?
• What are the important business model considerations for IoMT stakeholders and new entrants?
• What are the future perspectives that IoMT industry stakeholders and new entrants should be aware of?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Scope and Segmentation
Market Engineering Measurements
IoMT Vendor Landscape
CEO’s Perspective
3 Big Predictions
2. Internet of Things—Overview
The Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution
Enabling Communication Technologies in IoT
Global Adoption Status of IoT
IoT Experience of Healthcare Organizations
3. Market Overview
Role of Digital Technology in Healthcare
IoT Convergence Potential—Interaction with Top 50 Technologies
Why will the Healthcare Industry Adopt IoT?
IoMT Enables Transition of Care Delivery
IoMT Technology Stack
Where IoMT Devices Stand Within the Larger IoT Ecosystem
IoMT Applications Overview
IoMT-Enabled Connected Healthcare Ecosystem
4. Dynamics Catalyzing Market Growth
Forces Driving the IoMT Market
Challenges for the IoMT Market
Market Drivers and Restraints
5. Forecasts—Total IoMT Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
Revenue Forecast by Segment
Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment
6. Forecasts—On Body Segment
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast by Sub-segment
7. On Body Segment Analysis
Biometrics Tracked by On Body Devices
Devices to Enable Care Optimization
User Group Mapping for On Body Devices
Devices Vendor Landscape
Select Novel On Body IoMT Devices and Applications
IoMT Challenges
Market Opportunities
Strategies for Success
8. Forecasts—In Home Segment
9. In Home Segment Analysis
10. Forecasts—Community Segment
11. Community Segment Analysis
12. Forecasts—In Clinic Segment
13. In Clinic Segment Analysis
14. Forecasts—In Hospital Segment
15. In Hospital Segment Analysis
16. Target Market and Partnering Considerations
Requisite IoMT Capabilities
Serving the IoMT Market
Targeting Care Delivery
Learning From 6 Common Points of Failure in IoMT
17. Select IoMT Participants
IoMT Industry Focus
Technology Companies’ IoMT Applications
Technology Companies’ IoT and Healthcare Implications
Notable IoMT Collaborations
18. Noteworthy Case Studies
On Body Segment—Alivecor Smartphone Connected Device
On Body Segment—OpenAPS Project for Diabetes
In Home Segment—Cue Portable Lab for Quick Tests
Community Segment—Automotive Industry
Community Segment—‘Underworlds’ Sewer Project
In Clinic Segment—Ekso Bionics Connected Exoskeletons
In Hospital Segment—Smart Hospitals
19. Future Perspectives
Data Analytics and Cloud Computing
Healthcare Cybersecurity
Tackling Cybersecurity Issues
Lowering Costs of IoMT Devices
Key Questions for IoMT Stakeholders to Consider
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
20. Appendix
Learn More—Next Steps
21. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total IoMT Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, Global, 2017–2021
2. Total IoMT Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
3. On Body Segment: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
4. In Home Segment: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
5. Community Segment: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
6. IoT Market: Public Health Impact of Community Use Cases, Global, 2016
7. In Clinic Segment: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
8. In Hospital Segment: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
9. In Hospital segment: Market Opportunities, Global, 2016

1. Total IoMT Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
2. Total IoMT Market: Internet of Things Enablers, Global, 2016
3. Total IoMT Market: Internet of Things Communication Technologies, Global, 2016
4. Total IoMT Market: Percentage Adoption of IoT & Percent Satisfied by Industry Sector, Global, 2016
5. Total IoMT Market: Healthcare Industry Experience with IoT, Global, 2016
6. Total IoT Market: IoMT Devices’ Proportion In All IoT Devices, Global, 2015
7. Total IoMT Market: All IoT Devices, Global, 2020
8. Total IoT Market: Devices’ Proportion In All IoT Devices by Industry, Global, 2015
9. Total IoMT Market: Market Segmentation, Global, 2016
10. Total IoMT Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2015–2021
11. Total IoMT Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, Global, 2015–2021
12. Total IoMT Market: Percent Revenue by Segment, Global, 2016
13. Total IoMT Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment, Global, 2021
14. On Body Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-segment, Global, 2015–2021
15. Total IoMT Market: On Body Devices Segment Mapping of Parameters and User Groups, Global, 2016
16. On Body Segment: Addressable Market Opportunities, Global, 2020
17. In Home Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-segment, Global, 2015–2021
18. In Home Segment: Opportunity Analysis, Global, 2016
19. Community Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-segment, Global, 2015–2021
20. Community Segment: Logistics IoMT Use Cases, Global, 2016
21. Total IoMT Market: Passenger Vehicles IoMT Ecosystem, Global, 2016
22. Community Segment: Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Applications in Passenger Vehicles, Global, 2016–2025
23. In Clinic Segment: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2015–2021
24. IoMT Market: In Clinic IoMT Diagnostic Tools, Global, 2016
25. IoMT Market: In Clinic IoMT Covered Disorders, Global, 2016
26. In Clinic Segment: IoMT Challenges, Global, 2016
27. In Hospital Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-segment, Global, 2015–2021

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internet of medical things

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