R&D Focus Areas for Battery Anode and Cathode

The Current Focus Area is to Increase Specific Capacity of Battery

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There are 3 main goals that influence direction research and development for anode and cathode for lithium-ion batteries, which are to increase longevity of the battery both in terms of capacity and calendar life, to widen safe operating windows and to reduce cost per kWh of battery. These 3 main goals or achievement lead or push researchers to concentrate their research on the specific capacity of battery in order to increase longevity of battery, manipulate nanomaterials to increase every aspect of the electrode, increase cycling stability of electrode and to reduce volumetric changes on the electrode.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Many Promising Materials With Huge Potential for Disruption2.0 Technology Snapshot: Electrode2.1 Improving Anode will Significantly Increase Specific Capacity2.2 Safety of Electrode is the Most Important Requirement2.3 Research in Battery is a Long Process2.4 Silicon has the Highest Theoretical Limit2.5 Material Producers Companies Are Mostly From Asia Pacific2.6 Cathode is Crucial for Lightweighting the Battery2.7 NMC has the Highest Specific Capacity2.8 Asia Pacific Dominates Production of Cathode Active Materials3.0 R&D Trends3.1 A Good Electrode Should Have High Voltage Difference3.2 Capacity, Nanomaterial and Cycling Stability are Important Areas3.3High Specific Density is the Most Researched Topic for Anode 3.4The Main Focus is to Increase Capacity by Using Nanomaterials 3.5High Cycling Stability is Important to Ensure Long Usage Life 3.6 New Electrode Materials Tend To Change Volume Drastically3.7 Researchers Should Also Focus on Power Density3.8 Modelling Process Should Also Becomes Focus4.0 Growth Opportunities Analysis4.1 Overview of Analytical Tools 4.2 Interest for Electrodes Co-relates With Interest for Li-Ion Batteries4.3 Asia Dominating the Patent Filings4.4 US-based Patents Received High Forward Citation4.5 Highest Annual Growth is in Europe4.6 Patents from China have Low Number of Claims4.7 Material Science is the Main Pillar for Advanced Electrode5.0 Key Industry Contacts5.1 Industry Contacts Legal Disclaimer

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