Strategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market

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Rail transportation offers a lot of advantages in terms of environmental impact and safety. The ongoing improvement of the rail traffic management is crucial to respond to dynamic growth of transportation turnover. The gradual replacement of existing signalling systems with more reliable, cost-effective and innovative technologies will lead to increased efficiency and safety of passenger and freight transportation. The study gives the detailed overview of the train control systems, interlocking, wayside equipment and train detection in usage in European rail network. It also discussed the key drivers, restrains, challenges and trends of the European signalling systems market.

Table of Contents

Strategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryDisclaimerCertificationTable of ContentsList of Figures and ChartsScope of the StudyAcronyms Used in the StudyDefinitionsList of Industry ParticipantsSnapshot of the Different Signalling Systems in EuropeAnalysis of the European Rail Traffic Management SystemKey Market Drivers Restrains and Challenges for Signalling SystemsKey Industry Trends for Signalling SystemsRoadmap of the Signalling Systems TrendsRail Infrastructure Managers AnalysisKey Conclusions and RecommendationsStrategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market, Overview of the Signalling Systems MarketOverview of the Signalling Systems Market Analysis of the Different Types of European Rail Signalling SystemsSnapshot of Western European RegionSnapshot of the Eastern European RegionSignalling Systems Overview in Germany France and the United KingdomSignalling Systems Overview in Norway Sweden and Finland Signalling Systems Overview in Spain Italy and Portugal Signalling Systems Overview in Austria Belgium and Denmark Signalling Systems Overview in Poland Czech Republic and Slovakia Signalling Systems Overview in Russia and Latvia Signalling Systems Overview in Hungary Bulgaria and Romania Key Project in Western Europe: ERTMS ImplementationKey Projects in Eastern Europe: ERTMS ImplementationKey Industry Challenges for Signalling SystemsKey Market Drivers and Restrains for Rail Signalling SystemsStrategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market, Technology Analysis; Future Trends and ERTMS Market ForecastsTechnology Analysis Future Trends and ERTMS Market ForecastAnalysis of the Interlocking SystemsFuture Trends of Interlocking SystemsAnalysis of the Train Control SystemsFuture Trends of Train Control SystemsERTMS Level 0 and Level 1 Technology AnalysisERTMS Level 2 and Level 3 Technology AnalysisERTMS in Commercial Service in EuropeNew ERTMS Lines in Commercial Service New ERTMS by CountryNew ERTMS by SupplierAnalysis of the Wayside Equipment Train Detection and RM&D Equipment and CentersFuture Trends of Wayside Equipment Train Detection and RM&D Equipment and CentresRoadmap of the Signalling Systems TrendsKey Industry Trends for Signalling Systems Strategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market, Competitive Environment AnalysisCompetitive Environment AnalysisAnalysis of the European Signalling Systems SuppliersBenchmark Analysis of the Rail Infrastructure ManagersRail Infrastructure Managers AnalysisFactors Used for Benchmark AnalysisProfiling of Rail Infrastructure ManagersProfiles of the Key Signalling Market ParticipantsStrategic Analysis of the European Rail Signalling Systems Market, Key Conclusions and Strategic RecommendationsKey Conclusions and Strategic RecommendationsKey Highlights of the OEMs and End Users’ Perception of Signalling Key Conclusions for Signalling SystemsStrategic Recommendations for Signalling Systems

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