Growth Opportunities and Implications of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate in North America

Total ELD Addressable Market to Surpass 4 Million by 2019

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The aim of this study is to analyze developments in the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) market for Commercial Vehicles in North America (US and Canada) and present an overview of market growth opportunities and implications. Major focus is on trends such as pricing, package, business case, and solution types in addition to the significance of value added services and telematics to the ELD market. Key market trends and dynamics have been discussed on topics such as certification, market potential, market opportunity, pricing and business case, compliance, and product trends. Also discussed is a brief introduction about the ELD market, a timeline comparison between Canada and US’ ELD mandate, Frost & Sullivan's

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Findings
Fleet Managers—Top-of-mind Issues
ELD Mandate Challenges—Hard Facts and Implications
Total ELD Market—Market Snapshot by Contributions
ELD Market—Total Cost Versus Total Benefits
ELD—Key Market Trends and Dynamics
ELD—Competitive Landscape (Select Companies)
Competitive Environment
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Definitions and Segmentation
Market Definitions and Segmentations
Definitions—Types of Solutions
Definitions—Types of Business Models
4. ELD—A Brief Introduction
ELD Mandate—Overview
ELD Mandate Timeline and Implications on the FMS Market
Key Exceptions from HOS and ELD Mandate
Timeline Comparison Between Canada and the US
Canada’s Take on ELD Mandate
5. Certification and Key Requirements
ELD Compliance Key Requirements
ELD Buyer’s Guide—A Frost & Sullivan Perspective
Uncertainties Over ELD Self Certification
Confronting Data Transfer and Data Security
6. Solutions and Pricing Model Analysis
Packaging and Pricing—Service Ladder
Market Breakdown by Solution Types
Market Breakdown by Service Types
Market Breakdown by Business Cases
7. Opportunity Outlook Beyond Compliance
Outlook 1—OEM Impact
Outlook 2—Market Consolidation
Outlook 3—Value Added Integration
8. Market Measurements and Market Share Analysis
Installed Base—Forecast
Fleet-wise Opportunities
Market Share Analysis
9. Growth Opportunity Analysis
Growth Opportunity—Regulatory Impact, and Consolidation
Strategic Imperatives for Stakeholders
10. Competitive Profile—ELD Vendors
KeepTruckin—Company Profile
KeepTruckin—Product Portfolio
EROAD—Company Profile
EROAD—Product Portfolio
FleetUp—Company Profile
FleetUp—Product Portfolio
Gorilla Safety—Company Profile
Gorilla Safety—Product Portfolio
Big Road (Fleet Complete)—Company Profile
Big Road (Fleet Complete)—Product Portfolio
InTouch GPS—Company Profile
InTouch GPS—Product Portfolio
11. Competitive Profile—TSPs
Telogis—Company Profile
Telogis—Product Portfolio
PeopleNet—Company Profile
PeopleNet—Product Portfolio
Omnitracs—Company Profile
Omnitracs—Product Portfolio
Geotab—Company Profile
Geotab—Product Portfolio
Conclusions and Future Outlook
12. The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
13. Appendix
List of Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total ELD Market: Competitive Landscape, North America, 2016–2023
2. Total ELD Market: Competitive Environment, North America, 2016
3. Total CV Telematics Market: Partial List of Key Participants, Europe, 2015
4. Total ELD Market: AOBRD Vs. ELD, North America, 2016
5. Total ELD Market: Telogis—Packages and Pricing, Global, 2016
6. Total ELD Market: PeopleNet—Packages and Pricing, Global, 2016
7. Total ELD Market: Omnitracs—Packages and Pricing, Global, 2016
8. Total ELD Market: Geotab—Packages and Pricing, Global, 2016

1. Total ELD Market: Key Findings, North America, 2016–2023
2. Total ELD Market: Top-of-mind Issues, Global, 2016
3. Total ELD Market: Challenges, North America, 2016
4. Total ELD Market: ELD VIO, Installed Base, and Contributions, North America, 2016
5. Total ELD Market: Total Cost Versus Total Savings, North America, 2016
6. Total ELD Market: Key Market Trends, North America, 2016–2023
7. Total CV Telematics Market: Total CV VIO, NA, 2016–2023
8. Total ELD Market: Research Background, North America, 2016–2023
9. Total ELD Market: Market Definitions and Segmentations, North America, 2016
10. Total ELD Market: Solution Types, North America, 2016
11. Total ELD Market: Business Model Types, North America, 2016
12. Total ELD Market: A Brief Overview, North America, 2016
13. Total ELD Market: Timeline and Implications, North America, 2012–2019
14. Total ELD Market: Exceptions from HOS and ELD, North America, 2016
15. Total ELD Market: Canada’s Take on ELD, North America, 2016–2022
16. Total ELD Market: Key Requirements, North America, 2016
17. Total ELD Market: ELD Buyer’s Guide, North America, 2016
18. Total ELD Market: Self-Certification, North America, 2016
19. Total ELD Market: Data Security and Transfer, North America, 2016
20. Total ELD Market: Service Ladder, North America, 2016
21. Total ELD Market: Solution Breakdown, North America, 2016 and 2019
22. Total ELD Market: Installed Base, North America, 2016 and 2019
23. Total ELD Market: Service Breakdown, North America, 2016 and 2019
24. Total ELD Market: Installed Base, North America, 2016 and 2019
25. Total ELD Market: Business Cases Breakdown, North America, 2016 and 2019
26. Total ELD Market: Installed Base, North America, 2016 and 2019
27. Total ELD Market: OEM Impact, North America, 2017–2023
28. Total ELD Market: Consolidation, North America, 2017–2023
29. Total ELD Market: Value Added Integration, North America, 2017–2023
30. Total ELD Market: Installed Base Forecast, North America, 2016–2023
31. Total ELD Market: Fleet-wise Opportunities, North America, 2016 and 2025
32. Total ELD Market: VIO and FMS Penetration, North America, 2016
33. Total ELD Market: Market Share Analysis, North America, 2016
34. Total ELD Market: Growth Opportunity, North America, 2016
35. Total ELD Market: Strategic Imperative, North America, 2016
36. Total ELD Market: KeepTruckin, North America, 2016
37. Total ELD Market: KeepTruckin, North America, 2016
38. Total ELD Market: EROAD, North America, 2016
39. Total ELD Market: EROAD, North America, 2016
40. Total ELD Market: FleetUp, North America, 2016
41. Total ELD Market: FleetUp, North America, 2016
42. Total ELD Market: Gorilla Safety, North America, 2016
43. Total ELD Market: Gorilla Safety, North America, 2016
44. Total ELD Market: Big Road, North America, 2016
45. Total ELD Market: Big Road, North America, 2016
46. Total ELD Market: InTouch GPS, North America, 2016
47. Total ELD Market: InTouch GPS, North America, 2016
48. Total ELD Market: Telogis—Vendor Information, Global, 2016
49. Total ELD Market: PeopleNet—Vendor Information, Global, 2016
50. Total ELD Market: Omnitracs—Vendor Information, Global, 2016
51. Total ELD Market: Geotab—Vendor Information, Global, 2016

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