Urban Logistics Opportunities—Last-Mile Innovation

New Business Models are Unbundling the Urban Logistics Value Chain

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The Logistics market is undergoing a major shift, with innovative solutions transforming the way goods and parcels are delivered. The industry is witnessing an influx of tech-savvy start-up firms that are introducing new, unique, value-added services, which are disrupting the overall supply chain ecosystem. The rise of start-up firms within the logistics industry for city deliveries parallels the growth of emerging technologies, such as Big Data, cloud computing, crowd sourcing platforms and connected devices which are transforming the way deliveries are expected to be transported in the immediate future. This change has forced service providers to deliver more customized solutions that address larger concern

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryGlobal Logistics Spending by Key SegmentUrban Logistics Spending by SegmentNew Formats Based on Customer DemandsDigital Freight PlatformFirst- & Last-mile Urban ConnectivityDelivery Bots coming under Regulatory Purview The Courier, Express, and Parcel MarketNew Initiatives—Low Emission ZonesResearch Scope, Aims, Objectives, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions the Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundIntroduction to Urban LogisticsThe Urban Logistics Supply ChainTotal Logistics Cost by Major Industry New Scenarios Impacting the Logistics Industry Evolution of the Logistics Service ProviderGlobal Logistics Spending by Key SegmentUrban Logistics Spending by SegmentTrends in European Urban Freight TransportationUrban Logistics Opportunities—eCommerceeCommerce Market Scope Total Market OpportunityOnline Retail and the European Parcel Delivery Market The Urban eCommerce LandscapeOnline Fulfillment Process Case Study of Self-functioning Marketplace Model—Amazon FulfillmentCase Study of Through-put Marketplace Model—CainiaoUrban Logistics Opportunity—Omnichannel Retail/Brick-and-Mortar RetailingEvolution of Retail FormatsTotal Market OpportunityEuropean Channel Growth AnalysisTop European Retailers by SalesFuture Urban Retail StoresNew Formats Based on Customer DemandsCase Study—Tesco’s Small Box StrategyShift from Hypermarkets to Urban FormatsRetail and the Urban Supply ChainCase Study 1—Converting Stores into DCsCase Study 2—Retail’s Adoption of Hub-and-Spoke DeliveryCase Study 2—Retail’s Adoption of Hub-and-spoke Delivery (continued) Case Study 3—Direct-to-Store DeliveryCase Study 4—Night Delivery Services for BarcelonaUrban Logistics Opportunities—CEP MarketThe Courier, Express, and Parcel MarketThe European CEP MarketCase Study 1—DHL’s Unique Express ‘City Logistics’ Solutions Case Study 2—Amazon’s Drone Deliveries for ParcelsCase Study 3—MicrodistributionCase Study 4—UPS Micro HubNew Business Models in Last-Mile Delivery: Technology 1—A Case for Mobile Freight Brokerage for the Last Mile (Uber for Cargo)Digital Freight PlatformIndustry TransformationDelivery to CarCase Study 1—Audi Connect Easy DeliveryCase Study 2—Volvo’s In-Car DeliveryCase Study 3—Daimler’s ‘Smart Ready to Drop’Technology 2—Case of Drones for Last-Mile FulfillmentDrone TechnologyClassification of Delivery DronesDevelopment of Drone Technology in LogisticsHow Drone Technology Integrates with Delivery ServicesFirst- & Last-mile Urban ConnectivityDrones Legislation—European UnionDrones in Logistics—Current Challenges and Future PotentialTechnology 3—Delivery Bots for the Last MileDelivery Bots/Ground DronesDelivery Bots—Use CasesDelivery Bots coming under Regulatory Purview Key Policies and Regulations in Urban Logistics—Low Emission ZonesNew Initiatives—Low Emission ZonesRoadmap of Emission Levels and Restrictions by CountryEU’s Approach to Low Emission Zones Congestion and Emission ReductionEmission Control Strategies—Country-level Impact Analysis 2020Emission Control Strategies—Country-level Impact Analysis 2020 (continued)The Urban Logistics Case (Public)—The City of ParisThe Urban Logistics Case (Public)—The City of Paris (continued)ConclusionFinal WordLegal DisclaimerAppendixUber For Trucks—Impact on LogisticsUber For Trucks—Impact on Logistics (continued)

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