Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2017

Gearing Towards Universal Healthcare Coverage and Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Access to Services

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In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team provides bold perspectives and predictions for the African healthcare industry in 2017. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, medical imaging and healthcare IT. The analysis captures the impact of trends that are expected to transpire over the upcoming year as organisations shift to prepare for the future. This study provides guidance on where to find the greatest opportunities for expansion. The continuous burden of disease on the continent and a dampened economic outlook will see the African healthcare industry focussing on more cost-effective products and services.In addition, the r

Research Highlights

  • Market overview and projections for the African healthcare market in 2017
  • Revenue forecast by key African healthcare sector
  • Key predictions for the market in 2017 by segment
  • Key trends and growth opportunities affecting the African healthcare market
  • Strategic recommendations and future outlook of the African healthcare market

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the top healthcare market predictions for 2017?
  • What will the market revenue and growth rate look like for the African healthcare industry?
  • What are the key projections and trends for major healthcare market segments?
  • What are the key technologies and trends to watch for in Africa during 2017?
  • What are the major growth opportunities to look out for?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Research Scope
Key 2017 Healthcare Industry Predictions—Africa
Africa Healthcare Market Revenue—2016 and 2017
2. Revisiting 2016 Predictions
Key 2016 Healthcare Industry Predictions—Africa
Revisiting 2016 Predictions
3. Total Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook for 2017
Top Africa Healthcare Industry Predictions for 2017
Africa Healthcare Revenue by Sector in 2016 and 2017
Africa Predictions for 2017
4. Industry Sector Outlook
2017 Market Snapshot—Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
2017 Market Snapshot—Medical Devices
2017 Market Snapshot—Medical Imaging Equipment
2017 Market Snapshot—In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
2017 Market Snapshot—Patient Monitoring
2017 Market Snapshot—Healthcare IT
5. 2017 Key Trends To Watch
Key 2017 Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Trends
Top Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Trends for 2017
Key 2017 Medical Technology Trends
Top Medical Technology Trends for 2017
Key 2017 Patient Monitoring Trends
Top Patient Monitoring Trends for 2017
Key 2017 Healthcare IT Trends
Top Healthcare IT Trends for 2017
Key 2017 Business and Care Delivery Trends
Top Business and Care Delivery Trends for 2017
6. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Public-Private Collaboration
Growth Opportunity 2—Training and Development
Growth Opportunity 3—Regulatory Progress
Growth Opportunity 4—Private Healthcare
Growth Opportunity 5—Privacy and Security
Strategic Imperatives for Healthcare Providers
7. Key Conclusions
Concluding Thoughts
Legal Disclaimer
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Healthcare Industry: Projected Growth, Africa, 2017

1. Total Healthcare Industry: Revenues by Sector, Africa, 2016–2017
2. Total Healthcare Industry: Revenue Forecast by Sector, Africa, 2016–2017
3. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017
4. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Market: Regional Sales, Africa, 2016
5. Medical Devices Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017
6. Medical Imaging Equipment Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017
7. In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017
8. Patient Monitoring Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017
9. Healthcare IT Market: Revenue Forecast, Africa, 2016–2017

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